If you are considering buying new Apple Products, the summer is generally a time for caution. New phones are expected soon, and probably some new Macs, too. And this year the rumors say there is a significant update coming to the Apple Watch. 

As always the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide is a great place to start. They make recommendations based on the recency of updates to each model and have an excellent track record. For exmaple, they say right now is a good time to guy a 15” Macbook Air or a Mac Mini, but you probably should wait, if you can, if what you need is an iMac. Check out the site for more details on all the products. 

This year is also a little different in that the new Betas are more stable than I’ve seen them. If you are interested, go ahead and try them out. The public betas are available at https://beta.apple.com. If your work relies on any special software, espcially on a Mac, do check compatibility before making the leap.

As usual for any major update, be sure to backup your devices before making the leap. For Macs, I recommend a full image backup using Carbon Copy Cloner (https://bombich.com) in adidtion to Time Machine, before doing a major software upgrade.