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We make technology useful, reliable, private and secure.
Our clients are non-profits and mission-driven organizations, 
small businesses and families. 

A Time for Caution, but…

If you are considering buying new Apple Products, the summer is generally a time for caution. New phones are expected soon, and probably some new Macs, too. And this year the rumors say there is a significant update coming to the Apple Watch.  As always the MacRumors...

The future social internet

The Social Internet today is a mess. Users are tracked across the internet and manipulated for more engagement to drive advertising revenue. However, big social media sites are faltering. There is a better future coming. Much better in fact. ActivityPub is a protocol...

Dark Sky features now in Apple Weather

Apple Support has posted a helpful guide to Apple Weather especially for people coming from Dark Sky: > Dark Sky’s features have been integrated into Apple Weather. Apple Weather offers hyperlocal forecasts for your current location, including next-hour precipitation,...

MacBook Air M2

… The new MacBook Air (M2, 2022) is a sleek machine, beautiful crafted and with an excellent feature set. For most people, this is the best Mac. It has a bigger, better display, an improved camera, better speakers, MagSafe charging, and a beautiful new design.

About Us

Our founder, Darius Dunlap, built Purissima Technologies to serve non-profits, mission-driven orgnaizations, families and small businesses. This work brings him back to his roots in technical support of computer systems and networks. We also have a broad network of service providers for everything from networking wiring to web design.

Darius also offers consulting services on a wide range of topics including product strategy, technical support operatons, and community management.



What We Do

Internet & WiFi

We provide network design service, installation, and configuration services, security updates, and support.


iOS, macOS, & IoT Support

Technical Support for all your Apple products and Internet-of-Things devices in your home and office. 


Data Recovery & Backup

We will help you decide how and where to backup your important data, whether critical business information, or your family photos and music library.

Cloud Services

Our management services ensure you have the right cloud behind your website, business services, or backups.


Remote Office & Streaming Tools

Set everything up right to look and sound your best,  from basic Zoom to full streaming and YouTube rigs.



Virus and Spyware Removal

Computer running slow? Strange pop-ups or advertisements? We can fix it.



Professional IT Services & Technology Consulting

We start with your needs for your business or personal technology. With our decades of experience, we guide you to systems that work for you. 

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

The network is the hub of all the technology in your business or home. We also provide expert advice and recommendations on all aspects of technology, including computers, servers, mobile devices, audio, video, online services, email & web hosting, and Internet-of-Things (IoT). We also handle more esoteric needs, such as recording studios, video production and live streaming systems, VPNs, security cameras, and point-of-sale systems. 

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