Internet & WiFi

Your internet connection, the local network services, and the WiFi coverage/performance are each critical to the overall experience of the internet and all your connected technology. 


The Key to Reliable Internet & WiFI

At Purissima Technologies, we know networks. Our founder, Darius, started working with TCP/IP networks (the foundation of the modern internet) in 1985 at Stride Micro and then Silicon Graphics. He knows how all the network services fit together to make a seamless experience. 

Your Internet Connection is the first element that must work correctly. We prefer a simple network modem that provides a connection out to the internet and nothing else. Selecting the right ISP and service level is also important!

 The Router or Security Gateway provides services inside your netowk and manages and opotimizes traffic, keeping your video calls reliable, your gaming responsive, and your downloads fast. It also provides all the utility functions of the network, including DNS, DHCP, and security functions. We recommend different products depending on your needs. 

The WiFi is sometimes integrated into the Router, but is also often distributed on several stand-alone Access Points (APs) to provide coverage throughout your home or business. Modern Mesh Access Points are fast and reliable, but not all are equal. We have our favorites. 

These three elements, and their proper configuration, make a robust and reliable network. 


Select the Right Service Level from your ISP

Dedicated Modem -or-

ISP-provided Router in Bridge Mode

Router/Gateway with the right features for you

WiFi APs for Coverage and Performance

Remote Management & Updates

Network Security Review

Integration with your Office VPN

Optimized Configuration for Streaming, Work-From-Home, and Gaming

Why Purissima Technologies?

Our business is built on the trust between us and our clients. We make technology work for you; for your business; for your home.