Remarkably, Apple continues to make significant improvements in the cameras on new iPhone models. These cameras are amazing. This is an excellent update to the iPhone with solid improvements in processing power and battery life, and even better cameras.

My bottom line: You don’t need this phone. Unless you need a new phone, then pick one and enjoy it. Or if you’re really into iPhone photography or videography you may want to take a close look.

Technical details have been well covered in Tech Media in recents days, and I’ll link some of the better articles below. But because this updated iPhone mostly brings new and better photography and videography features, let’s start there.

For a gorgeous sampling of what the cameras in these new iPhones can do, I turn (as usual) to Austin Mann, shooting at Ruaha National Park in Tanzania:

For the full overview of the new iPhones, my favorite is Rene Ritchie. He covers the technical detail in this 18 minute video. If you only watch one review video, this is the one you need:

I agree with pretty much everything Rene says here. My only caution is that some of what he says goes by very fast, so if you don’t already understand all of the technology of displays and chipsets and cameras you may miss or misunderstand some of what he’s saying.

Oh, and I love his nerd-culture references.

Tyler Stalman brings us another Photographer’s reaction with some more technical detail:
He’s even impressed with the CInema Mode.
(but it seems that it has the same limitations as Portrait Mode)

Some other fun stuff

Shot on iPhone 13 Pro (Jonathan & Friends)

iJustine unboxing video, for all the excitement!

(I just love grinning and laughing along with Justine. OMG, Justine picking a Siri Voice!)

WSJ – Joanna Stern shows off the new Cinematic Mode
Here tech review videos are always fun (yeah, from WSJ) but her technical chops are first-rate, so it’s full of excellent detail:

And even if you’re not getting the new iPhone 13, you’ll want to check out Joanna’s video about the new software update iOS 15. This video is all her tips on the new features and options:

Speaking of iOS 15, it works on iPhones all the way back to the iPhone SE and 6s (some features not available because older phones don’t have necessary hardware)

Apple Official Videos
(Also called “Ads”)

A Guided Tour of iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro

How to use Safari on iPhone (iOS 15)

How to send a link to connect on Facetime…