I can best explain my advice regarding the new iPhones by stepping through my own thinking.

The iPhone 12 is the default iPhone. It’s a great value. If I needed a new phone, this might be my choice. But its cameras, while excellent, are not an upgrade from my iPhone 11 Pro, and the cameras are important to me.

The iPhone 12 Pro would be my obvious upgrade — this years version of the phone I have and love — but while the phone is more powerful than my iPhone 11 Pro, and the cameras are better. It’s not that big of an improvement. And…

The real improvement in cameras is in the iPhone Pro Max. Significantly better lenses, sensors, image stabilization, and more. But I hesitate to go up to a large phone.

The iPhone 12 Mini tempts me. That’s how much I like smaller more pocketable, one-handed phones. But then we’re back to the cameras.

So, that’s my decision matrix. Better cameras vs. smaller size.

But your decision matrix may be different. iPhone 12 is best for most people. iPhone 12 Pro gets you better cameras, and the iPhone 12 pro Max get you MUCH better cameras. But the iPhone 12 Mini is so small and perfect.

Recommended Reviews

Here are some reviews of the new phone that I think are worth checking out to help with your own decision.

Rene Ritchie – 45 minute long video review. Comprehensive. One of the best tech journalists in the business.

Joanna Stern (Wall Street Journal ) – Super fun 7 minute video review. Covers main points for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro.My favorite tech journalist from a non-tech major publication.

Austin Mann, iPhone 12 Pro Camera Review: Glacier! Austin took the new iPhone 12 Pro to Glacier National Park and shot some beautiful photos and videos while testing out the new cameras and their new features. Note that this is only for the iPhone 12 Pro, not the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Yet.